Free-weight lifting vs Machines

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Which is better, Free weights or Machines?

This is the age long question that has been plaguing man kind for decades…So which one is better! Kris’ Total Fitness will help you decide.

Free weights:

  • Studies have shown that using free weights will help you gain strength faster than weight machines. 
  • Balance and coordination are improved more with the use of free weight exercises.
  • Compound exercises such as squats, overhead presses, and bench press typically recruit more muscle groups than thier machine weight counterparts. In addition, this allows for greater calories to be burned.
  • Greater range of motion, many weight machines have only one motion which restricts a more natural and fluid range of motion.


Weight machines

  • Weight machines reduce your chance for injury, free weights however, require professional intruction (Check out Kris’ Personal Trainers)
  • Better for novice and intermediate lifters, typically the machines even show you how to properly use the machine.
  • Weight machines allow for easy weight changes, no need to stack heavy plates
  • No chance for error, with free weights occasionally lifters forget to take off a plate or to add a plate, with a machine its always even !

Kris Total Fitness recommends incorporating both free weights and machines into your workout program. Regardless of which weight training mode that you pick, both options will allow you to sculpt your body, burn calories and get stronger.